Overview of our Services

George Worrell Style, LLC is here to provide you with high-value event planning and workforce development services that will help your company thrive. We are here to assist you every step of the way, just as we have helped many businesses master the art of perfecting a fashionable, professional appearance. Our approach is unique, organic, and holistic, based upon your work environment and culture. Please learn more about our specific services below, and don’t hesitate to email us with your questions. We’re here for you.

Workforce Development

We specialize in workforce development, which can include everything from presenting motivational speaking sessions to polishing the appearance of your team to reflect your high standards. Let us consult with your business to develop a dress code that makes sense for your needs. We also consult with individuals to help make sure everyone is confident about the details that matter, from simple hygiene tweaks to fashion advice and more. The end result is a confident, professional workforce with a cohesive appearance and a positive attitude.

Event Planning Assistance

Let us help ensure your next fashion event or corporate party goes off without any issues. We have many years of experience in this arena. We are not only organized and professional, but we have an eye for style and fashion that will make everything look amazing. We are able to handle all the fine details so you are able to feel confident about the execution. Our aim is to make sure your company or organization is reflected in the best possible way.